Product License

When purchasing items from you agree to the terms of the license as stated below. For any further questions about this license please use the contact form below on this page.

The license on these products covers both personal and commercial use for either yourself, or on behalf of a client, but you may not re-distribute or re-sell the items as is in any way. 

For commercial use projects the items must not contribute to the core value of a project, that is to say that if you purchase a badge, the badge must be modified (text etc.) and used as part of a bigger design. You cannot simply purchase the badge and re-sell as is.

For items such as textures your use of them is unlimited so long as you do not re-sell the textures in any way, including changing the textures with intent to re-sell. An example of acceptable use would be applying the texture to an existing design, or using the texture to modify the background of an existing project.

Please note that all item purchases cover the use for 1 user. To use the items across multiple users please purchase a new item for each new user. Thank you for your support!

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